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Menstrual wellness. Period.

Mooncycles is my company, I'm working to build an app to support menstruators and their experience. I am fascinated by the moon and it's lore and I am passionate about empowering people with knowledge.

Mooncycles Business Card
Mooncycles the clitoris.

The Project:

Branding, illustration, UX research, UX/UI design, stationery, web design, social media, promotion, science writing & directing.

I’m working with a small team to ensure we are building a secure app that helps users track their mood, mental health and physical symptoms across their cycle.

Our big goal is to reduce diagnosis times and misunderstanding of menstrual and gynaecological disorders.

I’m reading, researching and writing about mental health and these conditions, working on tailored yoga flows with Kirby Yoga and forging a community of menstruators and sufferers of chronic conditions to become an army of user-testers for this app.

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Mooncycles Web Design
Mooncycles Moon Phases
Mooncycles Lunar Menstruation
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Mooncycles Logo
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Mooncycles Wireframe
My Role and skills:
  • Logo design and creating master assets
  • Web design and build in Squarespace
  • Custom vector illustration
  • UX Research, wireframing and prototyping in Adobe XD
  • Design iterations
  • Social media management and promotional materials
  • Science writing and research
  • Soon to be fundraising