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Vientaine 17/12/16 to 22/12/16

To be honest I’d not heard good things about sleepy Vientaine. I went there to figure out where to go next as there is good public transport there and I got a Thai visa.

I stayed at Dream Home Hostel 1, there are 2 and they’re across the road from each other. I didn’t bother with the pool but people said it was nice to cool off in but the sun wasn’t there all day. Pikachu – the Vietnamese owner(?) was awesome. Drank plenty of beers outside and made a really cool pal! Bed was really hard if I remember correctly but the people were really nice and free breakfast got everyone talking in the morning!

I met Tami, from Austria after she got pissed with some locals on Lao whisky. I instantly liked her smile, her accent and she was over the top when drunk, always swinging a ciggy around as she smoked. So Tami and I went on a mission to find something to do here and decided on Buddha Park. We got the number 14 bus for 6000 kip each way and it was a treat. We had fried rice and beer in my ‘local’ restaurant, just a couple of shops down to the left with a black sign outside, before we went but you can eat here and get a drink in a wee bamboo shack.

The most interesting thing about Buddha Park is this pumpkin shaped building you can climb on the roof of. After navigating tiny staircases and tunnels you reach the top where a stone tree is. The roof was very hot but it is a great sight at the top. The ‘pumpkin’ has three levels and an internal core. I think these represented hell, peace and heaven. It was 5000 kip to enter and though some of the statues seem to be made to look old, the imagery was varied compared to temples! Definitely worth a visit and just catch the bus back on the other side of the road! We managed to time it perfectly! It was just one of those days where it all worked out right!

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