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The adjustment

So after being in Australia for a couple of months here are some things that I have noticed have taken some time to adjust to.

  1. Not flushing loo roll down the toilet is the only way I know how now! Looking round for bins in loos that aren’t there.
  2. {I know but…} Not being able to smoke everywhere, tut tut *slaps back of hand*
  3. Crossing the street in so much order in Sydney. Also driving on the left side of the road!
  4. Clean, even streets, where you don’t need to be constantly watching where you are walking!
  5. Wrapping up warm… buying jeans, socks, tights and a bloody beanie!
  6. The different bird calls. Aussie seagulls definitely have a different accent!
  7. It never gets really dark in Sydney.
  8. Recognising so many faces, the gene pool is very similar to what I’m accustomed to, makes people watching much more personal!
  9. Wearing make up. I can’t quite put my finger on why but it bothers me and I put it on in the city?
  10. Doing my own laundry. And it costing way more that $1 per kilo!
  11. Using coins again! I’ve just been stashing them as everything seems to cost more that $10 here!
  12. Brand names and advertising is same same but different here than home! Nothing like Asia and their general disgust of white space! Advertisers can pretty much say what they like too.
  13. I’ve ate more mushrooms here than I have ever in my life and I don’t know why.
  14. Getting used to listening to trees blowing in the wind. Jungle doesn’t sound like that. Palm trees sound shifty.
  15. Houses are so boxy. Walls are crap, I like that open plan living!
  16. Bread packaging fastener. Hope they recycle them. Someone could do a 10 Things To Do With That Bit of Plastic They Tie The Bread With post…
  17. Foaming hand wash is taking over Australia.
  18. Drinking tap water again!
  19. Dry skin
  20. It is someone’s job to collect the trolleys you have taken home from the supermarket and left at your door! You can take a trolly into your flat. Up in the lift. It is a done thing.
  21. Too many people wearing sunglasses indoors. It’s well shifty! Can’t tell what anyone is looking at.
  22. RSL Clubs, what an institution!
  23. Far out is a totally acceptable response.
  24. It has taken me far too long to get acclimated here brrrrrrrrrr.
  25. Two sinks and no draining board? What the fuck?
  26. Schooners. You can bolt with that goon.
  27. How’s it going? Muso. Too easy!!!!!!!!!!

I’m finding Australia such an alien place. It was kind of like coming to a twilight zone or you know that some people are from another planet and you are looking at them for signs of being an alien. They are familiar yet so different. Or maybe it is like in Rick and Morty where they are in a parallel universe and just carrying on as normal… Boom, here is to the next continent and all it will bring.

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