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So I returned a couple of times to Sihanoukville on this trip so I thought I’d make a bit of a guide! Getting a bit behind on the blog as island life has got me, watch out for the next post!

So Sihanoukville: the hostels aren’t great compared to some other places I have stayed in. I had nights in dorms at Onederz, Serendipity Beach Hostel, Bopha Hostel and Invito. All were quirky in their own way, Onederz is the best for the showers, pool and aircon dorm but they hacked me on their wifi, what a pain to change all my passwords. Serendipity has a cool hang out area, Bopha is super close to the pier but is above a shop and Invito, well the best thing about it is the pizza. These were all in Sihanoukville and so I was in town when I got dropped off the transport I was arriving in!

The beach there is fine to walk along on your way to Otres 1 and 2. Lots of sights and people watching to be done but is quite a tourist crowd, a lot of older men in beach bars. When you get to the end of this beach walk up over the bridge and take a right up the hill. There is a resort there and a staircase next to the building down to the next {best} beach.

Otres 1 has a gorgeous shallow pool with a rope and big rock! Right at the bottom of the stair are toilets, showers and loungers that belong to the bar there. Food was ok but handy if you don’t want to pack up your stuff for an all day stint. This part of the beach is much quieter. I spent days there! A mototaxi takes about 15 minutes from the Golden Lions roundabout in Sihanoukville and costs about $4. You can also get a tuk-tuk which is about $6.


Otres 2 is also nice with more activities you can do and a few more bars than Otres 1. The coast is long and there are plenty of people trying to sell you something but they are up for a bit of a laugh, lots of women dressed in bright lime or magenta silk pyjamas and bit sun hats trying to thread your eyebrows and young Cambodian looky-lookies with a nice selection of sunglasses and kids with homemade kites.



In regards to food Cambodia is a little lacking compared with Vietnam or Thailand. I guess a lot of recipes were lost with the Khmer Rouge. I had a fantastic burger at the Golden Lions Roundabout – Big Mike’s and they have Dr Pepper for those craving a change! Also as I said the pizza in Invito was smashing! Some great Mexican further down by the pier and a chance of a kebab from a Turkish guy outside Utopia.

I avoided the pub crawls and jungle party called Kerfuffle but had a really good few nights in Utopia. Drinking White Russians and playing alternate Jenga! One night in particular blew my mind as they had a DJ in and he played Get Deep by Mike Dunn and a wild, Irish fire dancer was wheeking about.




When you are here you will probably be heading to an island, I firmly suggest you do! If you aren’t looking for a mad party but somewhere you can turn off and slip into island life amongst the locals I recommend Koh Rong Sanloem and specifically M’Pai Bai. Book your ferry with Buva Sea and sometime soon come back for my next post on this fantastic slice of paradise! Check my Instagram for an update!

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