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Pai 18/11/16 to 25/11/16

Lindsay and I got to Pai pain (and spew) free. We went straight to PaiZen where we had booked a bed in a dorm for £2.50 a night. There was one of those “just worked out” moments where booking.com had messed up and as we were at the desk someone checked out early! Huzzah!

PaiZen is a hippy place with beautiful surroundings and a cool bamboo bar/reception area. You can sleep in a tent, I saw a guy rising from a hammock that could be zipped closed (!), a dorm or get your own bungalow. It was really busy but we didn’t make it to the campfire at night. If I am honest I didn’t feel that comfortable there. There were a lot of well seasoned travellers, people who were returning and a few of those pretentious hippies. I did think about rocking up and asking for a puff but I felt they’d tell me I was doing it wrong. The owners are Cam and Oliver who were friendly, a Spanish speaking guy behind the desk called me putita but… and I wasn’t being a bitch. I’d like to go back and stay at a quieter time maybe but I thoroughly recommend it for digs in Pai!

We went and had dinner with Mau (that is not going to be how you spell it but I never got his details!). He was Dutch with an American accent which morphed into English as the night went on. We met him on the bus and after a really great green curry we headed to Yellow Sun Bar. Hat was our barman, he gave us a free shot (watered down Malibu), several cocktails later I was dancing. It has pool, cheap booze and it got really busy but has room for everyone!

There were two Scottish guys in the place, one from Oban who I would meet again later. The other was an absolute baw called James. He was on a date, after calling her a gold-digger and a whore loudly at the bar, I maybe interjected that he was hardly spending a fortune in this place for a couple of shots of sambuca and voddy cokes. He grabbed my ass, he was a wanker, soiling the friendly reputation of the Scots in Pai. We left and went to Don’t Cry. I will skip the rest of this evening as you can read my thoughts on the place. We also met a girl called Hannah, found out later she is a designer on a mission like me. Check out her site!

The next morning we heard we had access to Fluid Pool because we were staying at PaiZen. Chummed up by Brae a super enthusiastic Ozzy from Sydney, Lindsay slept (best sleep of her life) in a wee hut while I caught up with a friend and read my book. Pools are not my thing but I would have been happy to go back there although earlier for space in the sun!

The walking street is great for food, although, as if I need to tell you… avoid the lasagne! It cannot be a good seller and Lindsay got really sick on our tour after digging into it the previous evening. Edible Jazz is a cute place with a fire, hammock and sweet bar staff, if a little overpriced. A hippy vibe, good looking food although we didn’t eat here and live music. The jazz could be broken up with some other music though as it really isn’t for everyone’s ears… just saying!

The Sunday night we were dragged in with a hand drawn flyer and an Ozzy for their open mic night. Here is where the recurring crowd start. We were surprised to see two boys in kilts but avoided them as we didn’t come all this way to meet the Scottish! There were many more around, Jamie playing Caledonia and his own fantastic song You, Me and The Moon. If anyone has anymore details on him get in touch! Really awesome talent from across the world and rounded off with another Scottish guy playing what I think was a Paulo song and his own tune about making pancakes in the morning! Great night!

A really special mention to Boom Bar. I realise there is a lot of drinking in Pai but the rest of your time here should be at hot springs, reading in hammocks and being hungover. It is a sleepy town, a perfect getaway and the people are ridiculously friendly!

Boom Bar had good music, although I didn’t manage a dance (Lindsay’s not much of a dancer). On our first night here we were introduced to the owner (didn’t catch his name… which is terrible) by Nick. He was utterly sweet! There are fantastic cocktails and the owner promised that he’d get Southern Comfort in for Lindsay the next night which he actually did! When she got sick he was asking after her. Service like that is highly regarded in my book. Dreamy boys and really friendly expats and locals. Handmade flyers again (I see a market for me) and an atmosphere that made me return night after night. Boom Bar made me feel right at home in Pai, mwah!

And last a little mention to a very sweet guy called Lem in Mountain Bar, who let me draw at his table across from my digs at Day Off Guesthouse.

Read about the tour we went on and don’t be surprised if there is another post in a few months as I want to go back, days in Pai are the kind of days I want forever.


  • 12/02/2016

    Love this Kay, Pai is now on my list too :). ♡ V xxx

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