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Left Scotland on 4/11/16

Planning an adventure used to be half the fun for me. This trip is my biggy and I have restrained myself from looking too deep into the places I intend to visit. I was advised to grab this book though. As I settled on the plane for my flight from Amsterdam to Bangkok, I did enjoy looking at the maps on paper for the first time. Google Maps didn’t do the area justice, or maybe they are just harder for me to take in.

I know my route around SE Asia. I plan to arrive in Bangkok, head to Chiang Mai then Chiang Rai. Cross into Laos to visit Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Pakse and islands around Si Phan Don. In the new year I’ll be heading to Cambodia stopping at Siam Reap, Battambang and Phnom Phen City then finishing up in Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City then travelling up the coast as far as I can be bothered before making my way back to the city to fly to Sydney.

My travel philosophy as a new wanderer is pretty simple, slow travel over planes; visiting a few places in each country and avoiding tourist traps to support local businesses. I will be keeping this blog to help people who are trying to do the same and documenting how easy (or not) it is to stick this philosophy and have a rich experience.

I’d like to thank you now for reading and the support I know this kind of project can bring for a solo traveller! Appreciate any comments or questions!

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