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Seeing the dentist in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

My teeth are big / a big deal to me! After some really dodgy work done just before I left in Scotland I needed a repair on a filling. FYI this dentist is the stuff of nightmares.

So hearing that dentistry is rather good in Thailand I got an appointment at Chiang Mai Dental Hospital by emailing them at dental@chiangmaidentalhospital.com. They responded in good time and I was all set for Friday at 1pm. They’re a wee bit out of the way towards the north of the square. Ask at your hostel or hotel for a lift as I just tried to flag a tuk tuk down and after about 4 stopping it was clear no-one knew where I was going. Ended up directing the guy who eventually offered to take me for 80 baht!

When arriving you head through the doors to the left and I had to fill out a standard form. I think they had possibly lost my appointment in the system but accommodated me and I didn’t have to wait long.

The dentist was fantastic and spoke great English. I needed a fair chunk of botched filling removed and so most of the tooth had to be filled up. He spent a lot of time shaping and getting me to bite down, checking on the fit. Real attention to detail that I’ve never had with my many dentists in Scotland. I was in for just over an hour.

The cost for this work was 1500 baht which is around £35 so less than half of the cost in Scotland for much more of a thorough job. I’m now nearly 2 months in and no change in the tooth which I’m utterly ecstatic about!

I’ve met a fair amount of Kiwis and Aussies that come to Thailand for their dental work and I see why! I’d recommend it to anyone, for emergency or cosmetic. Hope this post puts your mind at ease if you’re needing to pay one a visit!

“That girl is all teeth”

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