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Getting a Thai visa in Vientiane

So when Tami and I were researching how to pick up a Thai visa here it wasn’t fully clear what the deal was so I thought I’d sum it up for anyone who was struggling.

When we went it was December ’16 and Thailand were giving a 60 day visa for free.

You have to pay in baht usually, it cost 1000 in 2016. We found a Thai bank as none of the Laos banks will let you buy baht, they just buy from you.

We were both looking for 30 day single entry tourist visas which you cannot get on the land border. Tami is Austrian and I’m Scottish.

Before you go:

  • check your passport doesn’t expire within six months and has a least one empty page for visa
  • photocopy the main page of your passport with your photo on it
  • get 2 passport photos (you can cut and stick when you fill out the form)
  • photocopy your Laos visa or stamp (they charged us 60 baht to do this there)
  • an address in Thailand, a hostel or hotel will do.

We got to the embassy early, around 9am after trying to find a Thai bank. Tuk Tuk drivers will know where it is and you’ll be able to get one outside for the way back. There were 3 queues. Join the biggest once you’ve filled out your form and stuck your picture to it. Fill it out in English. You will get a number after giving the women your passport, form and copies of everything and you can go back after 1pm the next day to collect.

No point in going early the next working day as the numbers will be called in sequence. Bring a book and wait to collect your passport and pay. I think 3pm was the closing but it didn’t take long to call the numbers.

Bon chance! Hope I’ve cleared up what was difficult to research for us!

Successful visa run! Yay!

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